Yulia Turan

Yulia Turan

Managing Attorney


Yulia Turan is a highly skilled and accomplished Managing Attorney with a wealth of experience in immigration, real estate, and corporate law. Her exceptional ability to efficiently oversee all aspects of company operations is a testament to her strong leadership skills and strategic mindset. Yulia's proven track record of successfully implementing solutions to streamline processes and enhance productivity showcases her commitment to delivering results. With fluency in English, Russian, and Turkish, she effectively communicates with diverse clients, ensuring satisfaction and success in all endeavors. Her expertise in immigration, real estate, and corporate law provides a solid foundation for navigating complex legal matters and driving positive outcomes for her clients and organization. Yulia's dedication to providing guidance and mentorship to her legal team members fosters a collaborative and high-performing work environment, ultimately contributing to the overall success of her firm. Through her dynamic leadership and comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape, Yulia Turan continues to excel.

Pratice Areas

  • Corporate Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Real Estate Law