Mehmet Kaan Kara

Mehmet Kaan Kara



Mehmet Kaan Kara is a highly skilled graduate of Marmara University Faculty of Law, where he developed a strong foundation in legal theory and gained practical experience at various law firms. As a partner in our firm, Kara brings expertise in both national and international legal settings, specializing in a wide array of legal areas such as start-up investment processes, contract and debt law, corporate consulting, immigration law, and inheritance law. Fluent in English at a professional level, Mehmet Kaan is dedicated to providing exceptional legal services to clients from diverse backgrounds, offering expert advice and assistance in both written and spoken forms. His commitment to excellence drives him to deliver top-notch legal support while continuously enhancing his knowledge and skills in the legal profession.

Pratice Areas

  • Start-up
  • Law of Obligations
  • Company Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Law of Inheritance