Kerem Yazıcı

Kerem Yazıcı

Senior Associate


Kerem Yazıcı is a highly accomplished professional who obtained his degrees in Law from Kadir Has University and International Vision University Faculty of Law between 2014 and 2022. With a unique blend of expertise in both Law and Information Technology, he joined Aslan Attorney in February 2022, where he has been combining his skills to provide exceptional legal guidance. Possessing multiple Law Certificates in civil Law, Sports Law, Attorneyship, and Notary Law, he has acquired comprehensive knowledge in various legal domains. Prior to his current role at Aslan Attorney, he actively contributed to Bozlu Company as a paralegal, further enhancing his practical experience. Moreover, Kerem Yazıcı harbors professional proficiency in English and displays a beginner level of proficiency in Slavic languages. Since his graduation, he has been actively engaged in the field of Immigration Law, addressing the complex legal matters surrounding immigration processes at Aslan Attorney.

Pratice Areas

  • Civil Law
  • Sports Law
  • Attorneyship
  • Notary Law