Furkan Aslan

Furkan Aslan



Furkan ASLAN is an accomplished individual whose professional trajectory reflects his commitment to academic excellence and practical experience in the legal field. Currently pursuing his studies at Anadolu University Faculty of Law, Furkan not only showcases his dedication to legal education but also exhibits his keen interest in expanding his knowledge base. In addition to this, Furkan is also pursuing a second major at Istanbul Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, further highlighting his multidisciplinary approach to professional growth. Complementing his academic pursuits, Furkan has honed his skills as a paralegal at Aslan Attorney for several years, specializing in title deed conveyancing, title deed annotations, and municipality transactions. His impeccable attention to detail, strong work ethic, and comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape position him as a valuable asset in the field.

Pratice Areas

  • Title Deed Conveyancing
  • Land Registry Office Transactions
  • Property Utilization Management