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Real Estate VAT Exemption Process for Foreigners in Turkey

Turkish government offers a value-added tax (VAT) exemption process specifically designed for foreign investors
30/01/2024Aslan Attorney

New Regulations in the Turkish Citizenship and Residency through Investment Process

The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship and residency through investment has recently undergone some important changes.
03/01/2024Aslan Attorney

Real Estate Taxes and Rental Income Taxes in Turkey

Investing in real estate can be a financially rewarding opportunity, but it also comes with various responsibilities, one of which is paying taxes.
19/12/2023Aslan Attorney

Amendment to the Regulation on Acquiring Turkish Citizenship.

New Regulation Requires Construction on Land for Citizenship through Investment.
15/12/2023Aslan Attorney

An Increase in the Minimum Capital Requirements for Joint Stock and Limited Liability Companies

Recently, a presidential decree has been issued, amending the minimum capital requirements for anonymous and limited companies in Turkey.
14/12/2023Aslan Attorney

Streamlining Investor Residency Permit Applications: Mandatory Criminal Record Submission

This blog post aims to shed light on the newly established regulations to expedite and streamline the investor residency application process.
13/12/2023Aslan Attorney

New Regulations on Valuation Reports in Turkey

In this blog post, we will delve into the details of the new regulations and their implications for valuation experts and stakeholders in the real estate market.
27/11/2023Aslan Attorney

Değerleme raporlarına ilişkin yeni düzenlemeler

Türkiye'de, değerleme raporlarına ilişkin yeni düzenlemeler hayata geçirildi.
27/11/2023Aslan Attorney

Real Estate Transfer Process in Turkey

When it comes to purchasing property in Turkey, it is imperative to understand the real estate transfer process in Turkey.
23/11/2023Aslan Attorney

Company Formation in Turkey

We will explore the key aspects of company formation in Turkey, discussing the requirements, advantages, and important considerations.
30/10/2023Aslan Attorney

Turkish Citizenship by Bank Deposit Program

The Turkish Citizenship program by a bank deposit allows foreign individuals to acquire Turkish citizenship through a specific monetary deposit made in Turkish banks.
23/10/2023Aslan Attorney

New regulations for obtaining a residence permit through the purchase of real estate in Turkey.

The Turkish government has recently implemented changes to the conditions for obtaining a residence permit through real estate.
19/10/2023Aslan Attorney

Potential Tax ID Number for Foreigners

Potential Tax ID Number for Foreigners Potential Tax ID Number is a unique number which is providing…
02/09/2023Aslan Attorney

VAT exemption for Foreign Investors

VAT exemption for Foreign Investors VAT is an abbreviation of Value Added Tax. A value added tax (VA…
02/09/2023Aslan Attorney

Certificate of Conformity in Turkish Real Estate Transactions

Understanding the Importance of the Certificate of Conformity in Turkish Real Estate Transactions
02/09/2023Aslan Attorney

Turkish Citizenship Eligibility

Turkish Citizenship Eligibility The first point we want to mention is that the citizens of all count…
02/09/2023Aslan Attorney

Turkish Residence Permit for Investors

Real Estate, Bank Deposits, Capital Investments, and more: A Guide to Obtaining a Investor Residence Permit.
02/09/2023Aslan Attorney

Title Deed Transfer Process in Turkey

In Turkey, the process of transferring title deed is an important step when buying or selling a property.
02/09/2023Aslan Attorney